Why Sunny RiveR

Sunny River Management, LLC represents the best of private equity and family investing. Our belief is that private investing exists to build better long-term businesses while providing well-earned liquidity and security to business owners. Traditional private investing models can often short-circuit the long-term view by having an obligation to sell too soon, putting undue pressure on management teams to hit arbitrary short-term returns, and creating situations where those making investment decisions don’t have enough skin in the game. Family capital provides a lot of stability and alignment of interests but can fall victim to complacent ownership, stale thinking, and nepotism. Sunny River Management, LLC is the perfect middle-ground by providing long-term family capital which has no obligation to exit at any time while offering the drive, hunger, and attention to detail that often comes with professional private equity investing. This allows us to make the right long-term investments and decisions while still maintaining short-term performance. We cannot let our long-term view serve as an excuse to not perform in the short-term. A great long-term view with poor short-term results isn't going to help customers and employees.

Our structure allows us to move quickly. We are big believers in well-disciplined processes combined with sound situational thinking. Our love of process combined with a lean investment team and a critical thinking culture allow us to move swiftly and decisively to pursue and complete acquisitions. We don’t waste your time and stand behind what we say.

We bring a wide variety of perspectives and insights to our businesses. We have spent time in investment banking, large private equity, large company leadership roles, and small company operational/leadership roles. We have also been exposed to a variety of industries. Our broad perspectives provide a lot of flexibility in our thinking and provides fresh perspectives to share with our management teams while at the same time we learn just as much from our management teams.

As a business owner, you can rest assured that we will be focused on growing and sustaining what you have built. We have the track record to prove it. The best way to take care of your employees is to put them in the hands of a group that is always striving to invest and grow, thereby preserving and creating opportunities for your workforce. 

We have covered a lot of ground in a short time and are just getting started.