Sunny River Management, LLC is a generalist private investment firm that gravitates towards  compelling industries and businesses with the following characteristics:


Our focus is typically on companies with $1 - $20 million in revenue $0.5 - $5 million in EBITDA. We have completed much larger acquisitions and for the right opportunities have the capacity to handle acquisitions far beyond our target range.


Focused on the entire U.S and Canada.  We have active investments across the U.S. and Canada.


Current Sectors

  • Industrial inspection, quality control and safety.  We have several active investments in this sector and are very actively seeking to add-on to our Industrial Inspection & Analysis, Inc. platform

  • Fire and life safety solutions to add-on to our Fire Safety & Protection, LLC platform

  • Medical and diagnostic imaging services to add-on to our United Medical Imaging, LLC platform

Potential Sectors

  • Business services, both field/dispatch and lab/in-house models

  • Other testing, inspection and certification sectors

  • Demands a high-level of customer service and require a level of technical expertise

Sector Characteristics

  • Fragmented and growing market, preferably with market size > $1 billion

  • Supported by decent macro-trends, such as increased outsourcing

  • Repeat and recurring revenue